UI/UX Design

A step into fusing art with technology

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 UI/UX Design

We begin with a Strategy to gain insights about you, your business goals, vision, communication guidelines, target market, and competitors. We will set up a design workgroup, identify stakeholders and decision makers, and define key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress.

On the other hand, our front-end developers implement designs that apply interactive interfaces and visual design concepts on websites, web and mobile applications for a positive and harmonious user experience. To achieve responsive designs our developers leverage HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other design technologies. UI, UX, and front-end developers are often assisted by back-end web developers, who are in charge of server-side application integration and logic.

Design Strategy

Our Design and Development Process

Let us take your application into a well-defined and well-executed UX process that makes it possible to ensure amazing experiences for your users.

  • Discovery
  • Research & Analysis
  • Create/Design

  • Validation
  • Development


Define Business
goals Competitors
analysis Set
a timeline

Research & Analysis

Define user goals
Define user Challenges
User personas
User stories


Style guide


Usability tests


Front-end &

The Agile Methodology for Reaching Your Business Goal

Smart Business Solutions follows the rules and principles of agile software development methodologies as the best approach to managing projects, as we use the scrum framework to manage our software development as it enables an optimum level of communication and engagement with our clients. In Smart Business Solutions, we consider it to be a critical success factor in the performance and quality of outsourced projects.

scrum chart

Product Goal

The development process always starts with providing context to the Product Backlog. It means we collaborate with the Product Owner to ensure that each and every Sprint brings the product closer to the overall goal.

Sprint Backlog

The Sprint Backlog is a list of tasks that highlights all the work that the Development Team identifies as necessary in order to meet the Sprint Goal.

Sprint Review

A meeting in the form of a demo session held to present the progress of the project development to the client and stakeholders.

Product Backlog

A Scrum Master and a Product Owner take care of the Product Backlog to create a prioritized features list with a short description for each of them.

Daily Scrum

Also called a daily standup meeting is a special 15-30 minutes event that helps the Scrum Team to stay productive and efficient. For the development team It is a powerful key inspection and adaptation meeting


A step toward the Product Goal. Developing a potentially deliverable product after each Sprint that provides a value to the project.

Sprint Planning

We select the particular items from the Product Backlog during the Sprint Planning sessions in order to deliver the product and realize the Sprint Goal.

Backlog Refinement

During the Sprint, the Development Team collaborates with the Product Owner to refine and clarify the requirements and ensure proper implementation.

Sprint Retrospective

One of the most important ceremonies in Scrum giving the opportunity to inspect the last Sprint with regard to individuals, interactions, processes and tools as well as the work delivered.



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