Web Development Solutions

Do you want to transform your idea into a smart reality?

With our dedicated agile team, we are ready to build your business website, web application or web tool using the best open source platforms keeping your business secure and on the leading edge of technology.

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Web Development


Our Web Development Services

Our Web development team builds web-based applications, designs user-friendly websites, and provides consulting services to help businesses develop interactive communication tools. We offer a full range of solutions in each of these areas.

Custom Web Development

Smart Business Solutions bietet leistungsstarke, sichere und intelligent gestaltete Webanwendungen, die eine gezielte Benutzererfahrung auf der Grundlage Ihrer Geschäftsvision gewährleisten.

Custom Web Development
eCommerce Web Development

eCommerce Web Development

Are you willing to set up an attractive eCommerce platform to reach more potential customers? We in Smart Business Solutions have a highly talented and experienced team to develop your online eCommerce store with the best technologies and features.

Whether B2C or B2B, we provide eCommerce Development services for both business sectors implementing multilingual as well as multi currency features to help both sellers and their potential customers to sell and buy products very smoothly

Webportal Development

SBS portal developers have both engineering skills and business touch to create reliable solutions and will work closely with you to understand your exact requirements for your web portal and architect a system that helps your company manage the internal and external interactions. We focus on performance and security to ensure our portals are stable and protected across devices and platforms.

Web Portal Development

Backend & APIs

The Backend support of any application or website is critical to the reliable functioning. Hence, at SBS we provide protractible backend web development that is also easy to scale.Our experience and prowess in this field allow us in SBS to deliver fault-tolerant backend systems.We empower your business with custom build backend and API Outlining organizational structure for best in class features and functionalities.

Mobile Backend & APIs


SBS offers enterprise grade performance in providing extensive web content management system services.Effectively managing the valuable content of your website is important to keep it updated and inform your customers about the latest news, events, products and other information related to business.All our content management system solutions are customized and facilitate improved workflow, quick modifications and higher productivity.


ERP Solutions

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, ERP software from SBS will encourage your company’s growth and development by raising your resource management to the next level. Support every step with an integrated ERP solution to future-proof your business.

ERP Solutions

CRM Solutions

As a business company you can now manage your entire sales force within your customized CRM platform benefiting from up to the minute company wide information. In real time you can view and lead or contact and see a full history with the click of a button including all files, campaigns, cases or any other information attached. With a complete overview of the customer life cycle, your customer service team acquires the tools they need to resolve queries faster and with more personal responses.

CRM Solutions

Why Choose our Website Development Services

Cost and Time Savings

SBS is an Agile organization all the way through. We work in sprints, which means:

  • - You can adjust your requirements as your project progresses, giving you more control.
  • - Integrated testing, resulting in a better quality of the final product.
  • - Lower risk - if one sprint doesn't go according to plan, the rest of the project is not affected.

Ongoing Lifetime Support

After development, we ensure that your projects are up to date with the latest technologies, and carry out the further development of additional functions and improvements.


Our Development Process:

work process
  • Step 1

    Analysis & Planning

    Analysis & Planning

  • Step 2

    UI/UX Design

    Designers work on the application user interface (UI) and create interfaces that ensure a positive, intuitive user experience (UX).

  • Step 3


    Developers interpret designs and mockups into real HTML objects

  • Step 4


    Programmers add the processing code at server-side that ensures the application logic

  • Step 5


    Testers perform a set of functions to ensure the code is performing the designated functionality and returning the correct results

  • Step 6


    We upload the project to production server and make it available for public or private use